New Jobs? Not So Fast... - Keeping Up With Cava
A Tale of Two Districts
March 17, 2017

New Jobs? Not So Fast…

Remember that time Daniella Cava threw her support behind an effort to build a massive new mall here in the northwestern part of our county? A project that would create thousands of jobs? No? That’s because she didn’t.

Even though the project would cost the county nothing, Cava wouldn’t join other members of the County Commission to support the project. Even though it would create 14,000 permanent jobs for people in this community. Even though Mayor Gimenez urged commissioners to give quick approval so the project could move ahead. That’s right — Cava was the only commissioner to say no to this massive job-creating project.

Triple-Five, the same developer who created the famous Mall of America, still plans to build its massive new project in Miami-Dade, but not with Cava’s help. She complained that there wasn’t enough time to consider her vote. She said that the mall needed to guarantee they would pay their employees more. I guess when you are rich like Daniella Cava, you’re not in much of a hurry to think about jobs.

The truth is that while Cava talks a good game about job growth as part of her campaign, she doesn’t back it up when a huge job-creating project is right under her nose. She’s out of touch. But what else would you expect from Daniella Cava, the richest official in county government?