Must Be Tough - Keeping Up With Cava
A Tale of Two Districts
March 17, 2017
Better Things To Do
March 28, 2017

Must Be Tough

Most people have a hard time keeping up one house. Imagine how hard it must be to keep everything running smoothly in two mansions! That’s right; Daniella Levine Cava doesn’t just have her million dollar home in District 8, she also has a TWO million dollar home in Coral Gables. Because if one house is good, two must be better!

You read that right. Cava has a mansion in District 8 so she could run for District 8’s commission seat, but she also has an even better home in Coral Gables. One mansion to live among us. Another mansion to live among the elite. Imagine how confusing – not to mention expensive – that must be for poor Mrs. Cava.

On the other hand, maybe money isn’t a great concern when your worth millions of dollars! As one journalist put it: “New York lawyer and philanthropist George Jaffin was Levine Cava’s grandfather, and her $3 million net worth makes her the wealthiest commissioner–if not the richest official in county government.”

Sorry District 8 isn’t fancy enough for you, Daniella, but I guess Coral Gables will just have to do.