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August 4, 2017
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Cava Should Take Responsibility for County’s Failed Hurricane Response

It is often said that hindsight is 20/20 and Monday morning quarterbacks never throw an interception. On September 27, 2017, Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava held a tele-town hall to discuss Hurricane Irma response by Miami-Dade County.

During the hour long tele conference, Commissioner Levine Cava was familiar with all of the callers and managed to effectively criticize the County’s response while distancing herself as a County Commissioner from that response. When a concerned caller asked, “what is the timeline for cleanup,” Cava responded that “there is no timeline.” Hardly the response any citizen wants to hear from their elected official.

When a caller identified as Jonathan stated that the County “did a poor job of communication and preparation,” Commissioner Levine Cava agreed that the County had done a poor job and blamed “internal leaks” for the lack of information on critical aspects like shelter openings.

The troubling thing for any resident or voting citizen is that Commissioner Levine Cava spoke as if she were not a County Commissioner and as if she were not involved in the lack of preparedness by Miami-Dade County — she even joined the callers in criticizing the County’s response. If Commissioner Levine Cava has no way to help the citizens, no way to provide actual answers and no way to at least give reassurance that debris will be removed and the County will recover, then what exactly is the point of being a Commissioner?

Commissioner Levine Cava should spend less time criticizing her colleagues, staff and coworkers in the county and more time working with them to address the concerns of citizens and taking personal responsibility for the county’s lacking communication and response.