Why did Levine Cava change her name to run for office?
June 2, 2017
Crime Running Rampant Under Cava’s Watch
August 4, 2017

Cava Cares More About What Happens In Paris Than the Safety of the Residents of District 8

The residents of District 8 deserve to feel safe in their homes. In the last month alone, there has been an almost 20% increase in crimes in the district, including a 400% increase in forcible sex offenses. This is horrifying.

Where was Commissioner Cava this last month? She has the luxury of going home to her house in Coral Gables, in another district, but the residents of District 8 can’t afford to do that. We have to face the terror of not knowing if we might be the next victim of a crime. Staying up all night wondering if our children will be safe in their beds.

While Commissioner Cava turns her attention to issues outside the district, such as the Paris Climate Accords, her constituents are suffering. What will the numbers be next month? Will they continue going up? What will it take for Commissioner Cava to pay attention? How high do the crime numbers have to climb?

The residents of District 8 deserve better. We demand more from our Commissioner.