Better Things To Do - Keeping Up With Cava
Must Be Tough
March 20, 2017
More Deception from Cava
April 6, 2017

Better Things To Do

Well, there she goes again. Not doing her job. Daniella Cava keeps missing votes at County Commission meetings. When you grow up with a hefty trust fund and traveling the world all the time, I guess you aren’t use to going to work and being accountable.

The least you can do, Daniella, is participate in votes. There are people that cast a ballot for Cava and they expect her to do her job.

So I wonder where she is instead of at Commission meetings? In February she was in Arizona. Where was she this month?

Money has allowed you to travel, move to District 8, run a prosperous campaign, and get elected. But money can’t do your job. And if you continue to miss meetings and continue to not do your job, voters will be ready to hire someone who actually CAN do the job.

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