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March 13, 2017
Must Be Tough
March 20, 2017

A Tale of Two Districts

Daniella Levine Cava doesn’t have much in common with the people in her district. It’s probably because she’s not from around here. In fact, Cava didn’t have any connection to District 8 at all until she magically became a property owner just in time for County Commissioner elections.

Cava was born in New York City and grew up all around the world! She has lived in Brazil, Chile, Canada, and multiple places around the U.S. So how did she land in our District 8? And how could she possibly know us and our culture and our history? Spoiler alert: she doesn’t.

While we’re taking our kids to school, going to work, and trying to make ends meet, she is probably fueling a jet for her next vacation. It must be nice to just quit your job and move to a place where you want to run for office and control government.

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